Michal Štassel

Design | Web design | Visual identity | Concept developement

Mobile gardens

The visual identity and replication of the originally designed elements was fun. The basic identity unfolds in further implementation in diverse settings. To communicate a local initiative that intends for a more global impact (and broader audience) requires a wide range of approaches on a different grounds. From a blackboard and chalk to an on-line longform publication.

Design, HTML, CSS, Implementation

About Mobile gardens

Mobile gardens are urban gardens which aim to transform previously vacant urban spaces into lively social places, where neighbors meet and get to know each other. The gardens will be temporarily located on unused lots in the inner city of Bratislava. These vacant and for long period unused spaces are a neuralgic node of social life in their neighborhood. Mobile gardens broaden the scope of Bratislava's public spaces – spaces for adaptation, engagement, civic empowerment and co-operation on their creation and improvement.

  • Role: Design, Developement
  • Client: Vnutroblok
  • Year: 2013 - now (ongoing)

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