Michal Štassel

Design | Web design | Visual identity | Concept developement


Visual identity of Vnutroblok and its further implementation is a long-term project of comprehension, interpretation and communication of ever evolving ideas and its context. The visual identity comprises of a logo, a specific font that translates the idea of ambivalence of public vs. private space, website, set of icons and diverse elements that are being implemented in specific environments.

Design, HTML, CSS, Implementation

About Vnutroblok

Vnutroblok is an experimental platform dedicated to the dynamics of relationship between social and physical space in an urban environment. The ultimate goal of every project is to examine and implement the schemes that aim to improve our life in the cities.

  • Role: Design, Developement
  • Client: Vnutroblok
  • Year: 2013 - now (ongoing)

Project 01a
Project 01b
Project 01d
Project 01e
Project 01f