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27 years  |  Married  |  Living in Bratislava  |  1 child


Nothing interesting here, I left early enough.

Selected working experiences

Ordered from newest to the older ones (DESC), for better reading experiance read from the bottom.


2014 - 2016

In Greenpeace I am working as a digital developer and advisor. Althought the workload is really complex, it is centered almost solely around digital aspects of campaigning. From advising the campaign project team with the digital aspects of their work to developing content for social media, designing reports and creating info-graphics and brainstorming new and original ways how to deliver the messages to the audience.

While working for Greenpeace I have started to learn Javascript, PHP and SQL languages to further develop my interest in technologies, programming and web in general.

Based in Bratislava, I am working for CEE (Central & Eastern Europe) section of Greenpeace.

Freelance designer, Bratislava

2014 - 2016

As a freelance designer I was focusing on webdesign, UI and corporate identities. My front-end skills allowed me to dive deeper into technological aspect of webdesign

VNÚTROBLOK (OZ), Bratislava

2012 - today | website

I am a founder, project manager and coordinator of a small initiative dealing with issues revolving around public space and the commons. Our flagship project is "Mobile gardens" - with a team of 6 people we have managed to set up 3 urban gardens in Bratislava that aim to fight urban anonymity and create liveli semi-public spaces.

The interesting thing is that in Vnutroblok I have tried all sorts of activities I wouldn't have a chance to do otherwise. Like: coordinating project, consulting, promoting and organizing events, designing lots of low-budget print and digital materials including few visual identities and websites/landing pages.

Backbone, Bratislava

2012 - 2014 | website

In Backbone I have finally narrowed down my interest from general designing to webdesign. Alongwith some corporate identities I have worked on many smaller or bigger website developement projects starting with designing specific design/UI elements to creating whole website designs and even managing some of the processes. I gained experience with designing mobile apps or UI for various systems.

Under the influence of the team I started to learn more about the technologies driving the web, hence improving my skills in HTML, CSS or responsive design.

NGO Butterflyworks, Amsterdam

2011 - 2012 | website

While living in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to be part of Butterflyworks team. This dutch NGO runs many succesful learning and co-creation projects in developing countries in Africa and Middle East. My job was to develop various visual identities for the educative games projects. The work environment of Butterflyworks (diversity in team, a good ratio of team work vs. individual work) was a huge inspiration and earned me some confidence and interpersonal skills.

Freelance designer, Bratislava

2007 - 2012

My learning years as designer. I aimed my illustrator and photoshop skills towards illustration, print design. My first succesful logos were used in real world and first websites went online

Most of the time cooperating with what would latter bacome my proper employer - Backbone

Bronze-casting workshop - ac. sculpt. Daniel Janec, Bratislava

2009 - 2010

One of the most peculiar job I have ever had. Because I like manual labour and it was a nice money. Bronze carving, Lost wax casting, Bronze polishing. Lots of dirt and lots of lousy art.

Children of Slovakia Foundation, Bratislava

2004 - 2008

My first responsible job (starting as a summer job). Actually this is where I first applied my basic HTML knowledge from school. Workig as a web administrator, doing media monitoring, being office asistent and also volunteer, learning to save money.
(my mom was working there)

Atelier of ac. sculpt. Peter Strassner, Devín - Bratislava

2006 - 2008

Preparing for the University I have learned how to draw and sculpt, how to work with wood and other materials. I have also acquired basic technological skills (this time not the web technology yet).

Skills and abilities


English - General Professional Proficiency
German - Elementary Proficiency

Graphic software

Photoshop CS5 - advanced

Illustrator CS5 - expert

InDesign CS5 - intermediate

Flash CS5 - beginner

‘Markup’ and style languages

Html - advanced

CSS - advanced

SASS - novice

Programming languages

Javascript - novice

PHP - novice

Processing - novice

♥   I like: literature  |  maps  |  bottom up urbanism  |  nature and plants  |  jazz & rock  |  electronics.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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