Michal Štassel

Design | Web design | Visual identity | Concept developement

I am designer. I am mostly dedicated to webdesign, identity design and design thinking as a whole. I am fond of dealing with complex projects where the subject of design is not just a visual output, but a complex solution. I like to work on meaningful projects, the results of which are functional, beautiful and valuable.

I have an eye for both detail and context, I am fairly skilled in drawing and manual skills. I am inspired by the overlaps of digital and physical world, manual labor, nature and cities as communication areas.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS are my working tools and I am getting acquainted with PHP, JavaScript and Processing programming languages.

I am co-founder and designer of Vnutroblok , an experimental platform studying the overlaps of social and physical relations of a city.

“The key issues are those that are close to you, geographically as well as spiritually. If someone says, ‘I want to change the world. Where do I go?’ I answer: ‘Stay right where you are. Don’t run away. Dig in.” Pete Seeger

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